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Is your tap water safe? The "myth" about good water...


On May 17, 2010, the President’s Anti-Cancer Panel made the recommendation that people use home water filtering devices to decrease exposure to cancer-causing agents (read more here). Filtering home tap water can decrease exposure to numerous known carcinogens and chemicals used by municipal water suppliers to transport “clean” water - water free of disease - to your home. These chemicals are not safe for you….they keep the water safe until it reaches you - that is the myth about good water

Request a municipal water test or a well water analysis for your Natick, Framingham, or Boston Metro West Area home today to learn more about what’s in the water you drink.

Chemicals and DBPs…

Did you know that some of the pipes bringing water to your home or business are 100 years old? Because rebuilding the water distribution system to provide truly safe water would cost countless billions of dollars, the federal government allows municipal water suppliers to introduce certain persistent chemicals (ones that don’t break down easily) into the water supply to kill diseases so that “clean” tap water can be delivered to your home. However, these chemicals combine with the dirt and organic material in those old rusty pipes as your water travels through them, forming what is known as DBPs—water disinfectant byproducts.

DBPs are toxic substances. Your body absorbs DBPs and chemicals through your skin when you shower or your children bathe - you inhale and absorb as much of these substances and chemicals in one 10-minute shower as drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered water.

How is your water like a banana?

Think of the public water system like a banana …. you wouldn’t eat the peel ….. you strip it away before consuming the safe food within!

We can do the same thing to your water by stripping away the harmful agents in the water through filtration, enabling you to consume truly “safe” water without the “peel” of harmful, dangerous chemicals.

Our solution for safer water:

Pro Series Water Filtration Systems (by ProSystems) are manufactured in the U.S.A. by a division of Aquion Corp., a 60-year-old company and a world leader in water treatment products. Backed by the longest manufacturer warranties in the country, and installed by our licensed plumbers, your new system will provide you with years of peace and satisfaction with the quality of your family’s water.

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