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Winterizing for Vacation

Time for a winter vacation?

Whether you love the snow and go north, or prefer the tropical climate’s relief from winter’s grip, leave your home safe and prepared while you are gone during these frozen winter months!

1 – Stop mail and newspaper deliveries.

2 – Arrange for plowing/shoveling while you are gone – do not advertise that you are not home.

3 – Put lights on timers.

4 – Close fireplace flues and use a chimney guard to keep birds and squirrels from building nests in them while you are gone.

5 – Consider using a gutter defroster cable to keep ice dams from forming.

6 – Have a neighbor check on your house occasionally. An 8 inch split in a water pipe allows 250 gallons of water into your home per day.

7 – Install flood stops at critical places – by your water heater and your water main and or filtration system. These devices shut off the water supply when a leak is detected. Ask us about installing yours!

8 – Insulate water pipes located near outside walls, in crawl areas, etc., and stop up drafts, especially near pipes.

9 – Do NOT turn off the heat or turn it below 55 degrees. What you save in heat cost you will more than spend on frozen pipe repairs!

10 – If you plan to be gone for the season and want to turn off your heat, or go “cold”, have your home winterized by a plumbing professional – do not try to do it yourself! A professional will drain all the lines and appliances, blow air through the system and properly prepare your heating and plumbing systems for “cold” storage. While this may cost a bit more, it is nothing compared to the expense of repairing damages from a freeze or leak. Call us at Flaherty Plumbing for your winterizing and de-winterizing needs!   

Jan 2014