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In Defense of Diagnostics

We just had an unhappy customer threaten to write us a bad review. He had a heat problem. Our technician made an initial recommendation to replace a broken thermostat and the customer wanted to do that himself. The technician billed and collected for the call. The customer did the work and was still having a problem with his heat. We scheduled the technician to return, and this is where things got sticky. The customer did not want to pay to have the technician return to further troubleshoot his heat problem. After all, he reasoned, we were just out there the day before and the problem was not fixed. This should be no charge, he felt, as his problem was not resolved.

We offer a written warranty, for our work. However, there can be multiple causes which must be addressed to make a full repair and solve a customer’s issue. When further diagnosis and repair is needed, further charges are assessed.  

Diagnosing, repairing, testing and resolving issues are a normal part of the service and repair process. Choose your professionals carefully and then allow them to use their skill and experience to solve your problem. Diagnosis is a paid skill performed by trained professionals who are worth their time and money - expect to pay them for their time.