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The Case for having your Boiler or Furnace Cleaned this Fall! 

Every Fall our good intentions get hold of us here in Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton and surrounding Boston Metro West area towns. As we wind up from a short sweet summer of fun and outdoor activity with family and friends we turn our attention to winter commitments, new undertakings, and preparation for the cold months to come, setting out our good intentions.

Here in New England we know exactly what those cold months ahead hold for us; an un-chartable forecast of winter storms, ice and snow, Nor’easters and days on end of frozen-still, crisp, cold air.

Last fall I shared about Round Tuits from past Cub Scout days, recounting how sometimes tuning up our heating system gets on our to-do list and we do not quite get around to doing it – or more accurately, having it done.

Here at Flaherty Plumbing and Heating, the heating season is our busy season. We do not service air conditioning; we concentrate our expertise on your plumbing, your  water and your ability to stay warm. This fall our techs are ready to bring you the full range of their heating system expertise and experience to take care of your coming winter heating needs.

So why choose to have us take a look at that heating system of yours? Why preventive maintenance? 

Why should you get around to it now?

Every winter cold snap, our phones (and everyone else's) ring off the hook with customers calling with heating problems. By then it’s too late. You are on a list. Waiting. We can supply some temporary heaters (until we run out), meantime, you are cold. Your furnace is silent. Your boiler is freezing. And we are booked - solid. And so is your back-up guy – who may or may not get there when he says he will anyway. And the next two places you call you get an answering machine. You are going to pay top dollar if you can even get someone to come out, but no one is there to answer your call. the "hot" phone

Cold weather produces the perfect storm for your heating system. Any undetected weaknesses are put to the test as your system works at top capacity to bring you warmth. And that is when the “No Heat” calls come into our office. One inconvenient morning or dark of a winter evening, that weak link in your system brings your heat production to a standstill.

Just like your car needs seasonal maintenance to provide you with the reliability you need for comfortable, safe driving, your heating system needs a fall check-up. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you don’t have to worry about your boiler or furnace. 

And getting around to it? Well, we help out there too. One Call – and ask us to put you on our Annual Preventive call list – then don’t worry – we’ll call you next year, and each year, to schedule your heating system’s annual clean, tune and check.

Why call Flaherty? Because our cleans clean what others don’t. For full service to your manufacturer’s specifications, for quick access to diagnosis and parts, call the heating professionals at Flaherty Plumbing & Heating. We give you a full report, keep records of your equipment and parts, and make recommendations as needed for your comfort and your system’s continued efficient performance and health. And we are here for you 24/7, with a full history of your service and equipment; from the point you call us going forward, we have your home’s plumbing and heating in our safe-keeping.

Take your Round Tuit and do it – give us a call! We’d much rather schedule you at regular rates now than put you on an emergency list in January….