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Do you need a Battery Backup Sump Pump System for Your Home?

It is a big commitment to install your own sump pump. Kudos to you for taking that preventive step for your home and family.

But – if the power goes out, your pump will not run and your basement will flood! If your pump fails due to a mechanical problem,  or the float switch gets stuck, your basement will flood.

What would you lose if your basement flooded? I had a friend whose basement flooded a couple of years ago. Along with a floating antique piano that had to be rescued and renovated, we spent hours fishing out boxes of precious old photos, gently unsticking them and drying them out, sorrowfully dumping the ones that were irretrievable. These are items that money cannot buy, as the famous credit card ad says. And believe me, for all else there was mastercard!

When is it most likely you will need a sump pump? During a rainstorm

When is it you are most likely to lose power? During a rainstorm

Don’t get stuck with no back up! Give us a call here at Flaherty Plumbing. We will assess your current pump and help you put the backup battery system in place that will let you laugh at the rains and keep your memories safe and dry.