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Flaherty Plumbing Articles: Taking Care of Your Plumbing, Heating and Water Filtration Needs


The Case for having your Boiler or Furnace Cleaned this Fall! 

As we wind up from a short sweet summer of fun and outdoor activity with family and friends we turn our attention to winter commitments, new undertakings, and preparation for the cold months to come...

Do you need a Battery Backup Sump Pump System?

If the power goes out, your pump will not run and your basement will flood!

The Case for Energy Efficient Heating System Upgrades

Today’s new energy efficient systems can help you save as much as 25% on your heating bill!

In Defense of Diagnostics

Diagnosing, repairing, testing and resolving issues are a normal part of the service and repair process. 

A Round Tuit…Caring For Your Home's Heating System 

Years ago in my son’s Cub Scout pack we had a special award called A Round Tuit. It hung like a weight around your neck until you finally got around to doing it – whatever It was...


You're Ready for Summer Vacation. Is Your Home?

Before you walk out the door for that much-deserved break, take a few minutes to give your home a break, too. With this quick checklist, you’ll not only maximize your home’s energy efficiency and minimize your utility bills...

Plumbing and Heating System Checks For The Home Buyer

The weather is warm, houses are selling and people are moving. Even with a good home inspector on board be prepared and know what to watch out for as you shop!

Winterizing for Vacation

Whether you love the snow and go north, or prefer the tropical climate’s relief from winter’s grip, leave your home safe and prepared while you are gone during these frozen winter months!

‘Tis the Season to Be Prepared…Plumbing Tips for the Holidays

Now is the time we want everything ready for the winter holidays and storms...                             

Spring into Action! Find Those Leaks

Here in the Metro West area it is Spring, and it’s time to think about, and start making, water-saving decisions for the coming  months of higher water usage ahead of us. 

Cleaning Up on Water - The Truth About Bottled Water 

We talk a lot about water here at Flaherty Plumbing, and spring and the warmer weather are the time of year we start, once again, to put you in the know about water –